– YG Presents

We always loved YG Entertainment’s superb logo and type face. We’ve simply put together matte silver foil, silver ink, and matte black paper to keep it cool.

Wait, silver ink?

Right, you’ve probably heard of silver foil before, but not silver ink. It is literally ink with silver color; think of that fancy silver ink pen that one of those pen-obsessed-friends used to have back in high school.

So, why use silver ink when we have silver foil that looks exactly like silver? First, silver ink is much more budget friendly than silver foil. If you want to print a block of texts (like the picture below), not just a title, it would save you a lot of money. Second, silver ink has much less shine than silver foil, so if you want to keep the shine down and look more matte, silver ink is a perfect choice.


(picture: silver ink is not as boring as gray ink, nor as glaring as silver foil.)

We can also adjust the amount of silver ink. Below is silver inks printed from 10% to 100%, from left to right respectfully.


  • First picture on top of this page: The background letters of the postcard used 20% silver ink.
  • Second picture in this page: The letters used 100% silver ink.